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About MN Labradors

MN Labradors is located just 30 minutes north of Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN on 5 acres. We strive to create the best possible family companions by focusing our attention on creating pups with a sound temperaments and excellent health. Below is a bit of information about how we care for our breeding dogs and… Continue reading About MN Labradors

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Crate Bedding for Labradors

Labrador puppies are notorious for being bed destroyers, particularly in their crates. Part of it I'm sure is boredom (Labs need lots of physical and mental exercise and companionship to be happy), some might be the fun of tearing things up (I mean most dogs love ripping soft toys to shreds). Others might get too… Continue reading Crate Bedding for Labradors


Those first few nights with a new puppy can be rough…

Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting, but that excitement can quickly take a turn for the worse when your puppy won't stop crying in their confinement space. You see, the first few nights are pretty hard on a puppy because suddenly they are completely alone. Remember, they have always had their siblings by… Continue reading Those first few nights with a new puppy can be rough…